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Используйте официальное ПО CS-Cart
Используйте официальное ПО CS-Cart

CS-Cart «Power Pop-up Notification» add-on released!


Latest release date: 2014, December, 29

CS-Cart "Power Pop-up Notification" add-on is a solution for administrators to inform customers about news, offers, promotions, or policies to be accepted. All the actions are getting automated, for example, now to announce a promotion for a certain product you need only to select this product from the list and check several additional settings such as location, size, delay, popup type. To notify customer about store policy you can create popup with page content and ACCEPT button.

General Features:

  • ability to choose popup content type (text, page, product)
  • ability to add product details by selecting it from the list, without any HTML editing
  • ability to create notifications to be accepted with
  • ability to choose popup type: regular popup, terms and conditions, time verification
  • ability to verify customers birthday
  • ability to set title of pop-up window and configure popup content manually
  • ability to set height and width of pop-up window (autowidth available)
  • ability to set pop-up show delay
  • ability to set TTL (time to live - time interval before customer will see the pop-up again)
  • ability to choose location for popup notification: all, none, products, categories, pages, home page, product search, cart, checkout, order page or custom location (you need to specify URL)

See also the video tutorial

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