Business person analyzing financial statistics displayed on the tablet screen
We released the new version of our «Power Statistics» add-on!
CS-Cart «Power Blog» add-on is updated!

New CS-Cart add-ons: «Floating Menu» & «Animated Blocks»


CS-Cart "Floating Menu" add-on is a special script which allows to fix the position of top panel and main horizontal menu to be visible when scrolling the page up and down. It is a practical feature to optimize surfing large pages. The add-on woks when adding special CSS classes to blocks in your CS-Cart block manager.

The entry format is the following:

  • for Top panel grid: top-grid cp-top-panel
  • for Top menu block: main-menu-block-grid span8-m

CS-Cart "Animated Blocks" add-on is a special module which allows to add different animation effects to blocks (for example: main content, slider, "On sale" and "Hot deals" blocks). It really makes your site more dynamic and attractive. You can choose animation styles from the list of available: bounce, flash, pulse, rubberBand, shake, swing, tada, wobble, etc.

The entry formats are the following:

  • animated cp-[name of chosen class]
  • [name of User-defined CSS-Class] animated cp-[name of chosen class]

Example: homepage-on-sale animated cp-zoomIn

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