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New Cart Power add-on: «Free Shipping Notifier»
CS-Cart «Power Pop-up Notification» add-on released!

A Real breakthrough — our new add-on «Google reCAPTCHA»


Dear Friends!

We announce a real breakthrough - this is our new add-on "Google reCAPTCHA"!

CS-Cart "Google reCAPTCHA" add-on is a solution based on one of the latest Google technologies to protect websites from bots and spamers. Cart-Power applied this innovation to CS-Cart platform to make it easy and pleasant for users to go through anti-bot validation and sign in. We offer a new Google technology named «No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA» to be applied to CS-Cart to allow users to confirm they are humans with one click. The system analyzes user's behavior with the help of a special script discerning suspicious activity and after this preprocessing it offers this simple checkbox to click.
No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA also includes the second level of verification in case that system doubts user is actually human. This anti-bot check level is also more user-friendly than old tests with distorted unreadable texts. New technology offers to match images to a random picture. It is much easier for touch devices users to tap photos of cats or turkeys than to tediously type a line of distorted text.
Add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and MV 4.x.x

Here is a step by step instruction:

1. Download and install the add-on.
2. Go to add-on settings and click "?" near text field "Key".
3. Register your site to get reCAPTCHA keys.
4. Enter Key and Secret Key in the relevant field.
5. To get the License Key go to your order detailed page.
6. Save your settings and activate the add-on.
7. Go to Admin panel top menu > Settings > Image verification. Check the necessary forms checkboxes.
8. Go to customer area to test how the add-on works.

Demo is available:

Also see the video tutorial of how the add-on works

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