Используйте официальное ПО CS-Cart
Используйте официальное ПО CS-Cart
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We released the new version of our «Power Statistics» add-on!

«Latest Reviews Block» add-on with the new features and new name: «Power Reviews»


CS-Cart "Power Reviews" add-on allows to display reviews left on your store within slider or separate static block. The add-on includes fair amount of practical features to please you.

General Features:

  • fully compatible with CS-Cart responsive themes and CS-Cart 4.2.x
  • three display modes: slider, horizontal static, vertical, static
  • slider has various settings such as: Skin, Transition style, view of pagination etc.
  • ability to fill the block with the latest reviews (product, category, page filter)
  • ability to fill the block with the reviews you have chosen manually (a handy search system is integrated)
  • ability to fill the block with the latest reviews on current object (product, category, page, news, blog article)
  • ability to set minimal rating for reviews to be displayed (rating filter)
  • ability to display the comment button
  • ability to display the thumbnail images of commented objects
  • ability to show / hide review date, author and content
  • ability to cut object title, content and ability to show the number of the last words
  • ability to set column quantity
  • ability to align column content horizontally and vertically
  • ability to activate and disable review mode for all the objects simultaneously
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